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How To Get A NEXUS Card For Your Child

If your son or daughter are under 18 years old you must give your consent for them to apply for a NEXUS card. You must apply on their behalf and attend the NEXUS interview with them. They must be a Canadian or American citizen or permanent resident. On top of this, they need a a clean criminal and immigration record.

It doesn’t matter what age your child is, you must fill out a separate application form for them. Additionally, they need their own unique email address. If your children are very young you must be able to access this email to check for their status updates.

You can apply for NEXUS directly here. Bear in mind that filing the form directly may be time consuming and there will be no individual assistance.

Proving Custody For Your Child

If you and the other parent of your child are no longer together, you will need to show your custody documents. You also need a letter from the other parent, giving permission for the child to apply for the program.

If you’re the child’s legal guardian you need to prove this relationship at the interview. Additionally, when you cross the border or use the designated kiosks or lines you will need to prove guardianship.

Your Child’s NEXUS Interview

It doesn’t matter what age the child is, they must attend a NEXUS interview. If you apply as a family, call the enrollment center of your choice. They allow you to book a family NEXUS interview. If you want to use the NEXUS card for air travel, you must attend an enrollment facility with iris scanning.

Your child must give biometric data for their NEXUS card. This means they will be photographed, digitally fingerprinted and iris scanned. All of these procedures are non-invasive and do not cause any harm.

Using The NEXUS Lane With Your Child

At the border there are additional questions when you travel with children. Border agencies must be sure that the children in your care are not being abducted. Both parents must travel in the same vehicle as their child if they are on the same trip.

If you are not together, you need a letter giving the consent of the other custodial parent. The letter must state that the other parent permits you to take the child out of the country. Border Protection agencies need to see this letter to be sure that you are not abducting the child. You must include each parents legal full name, their current residential address and their phone number.

When your child travels with someone other than a parent, the adult in charge must show written permission from both of the parents or guardians. For example when traveling with grandparents, older siblings or other relatives or family friends. This letter must contain both parents or guardians full legal names and their current residential addresses and the phone numbers where the parents or guardians can be reached.


Applying for membership is easy with our 5-star service.
You must be a US or Canadian citizen or a legal permanent resident with a machine readable PR card.
All you have to do is follow these steps:

Fill out our application form. You need one per applicant. We have simplified the form to make it fast and easy for you.

Pay the service fee. It's $154.99 per person. This service is for the error checks and application processing.

We check your NEXUS form. If there's any missing information we email you within 48 hours. Incorrect or incomplete forms may be denied from the program.

When your personal data is in order, we pay the background and security check fee ($50 adults only) using the card listed on your application.

As a part of our service all of our customers receive a free application submission after we have thoroughly prepared and checked your application form.

We send you an email explaining how to take control of your application. This allows you to monitor your application status.

You attend an interview. It now takes up to 6-8 months to reach the interview stage. Please be patient, this is out of our control.

You get your membership card within 10-14 days after a successful interview.