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Applying is easy with our 5-star service.
You must be a US or Canadian citizen or a legal permanent resident with a machine readable PR card.
All you have to do is follow these steps:

Fill out our card application form – one per applicant;

Pay the service fee (USD 139.99) for the error checks and application processing;

We check your submission and notify you of any missing information within 48 hours;

When we have your personal data in order, we pay the background and security check fee ($50 adults only) using the card listed on your application;

As a part of our service all of our customers receive a free application submission after we have thoroughly prepared and checked your application form.

Monitor your application status by using the information in the Traveler Profile – you will receive this as soon as we submit your data for security checks;

Attend an interview – it now takes up to 8 months to reach the interview stage – please be patient, this is out of our control!

Get your membership card within 10-14 days after a successful interview;

Background And Security Checks

The program was born out of the 9/11 crisis. Wait times at the border had grown to hours and the need for expedited travel between the United States and Canada was a necessity. Canada and the U.S. came up with the Trusted Traveler Program, and invited applications from low risk travelers who were US or Canadian citizens or legal permanent residents.

The only way to guarantee that the applicants were genuine low risk travelers was to perform stringent background checks on all applicants. The checks are conducted by a variety of Canadian and U.S. government agencies including law enforcement, immigration and customs, the department of motor vehicles etc. Each agency receives the personal details from your application. This information includes all names used, date and place of birth, passport and citizenship details, visa information (where applicable), travel information and five years’ worth of address and employment history.

It takes time for each agency to check this information, and there is a growing line of applications waiting to be checked. There is no short cut to the background and security checks and no third party agency can speed up the application process. Even applicants who were previous members have to be rechecked – a lot can change in five years! Wait times used to be a matter of weeks but now it can take up to 6 months.

There can be no arguments about the need for these checks. The only way to keep borders protected is by ensuring that there is a secure and safe method for preclearing travelers as low risk.

NEXUS Interview Documentation

You need to take the following documents with you to your interview. You should also check your Conditional Approval letter to make sure that there are no additional document requirements.

A valid passport. If you hold more than one passport, you must bring all passports to the interview. The officer conducting your interview will inspect them and add a copy to your file .

Proof of residency e.g. valid driver’s license so long as it has your current address on it, a mortgage or rental payment statement, a utility bill, etc. Child applicants do not need to provide this information.

A permanent resident card (if applicable) and relevant entry visas to the U.S. or Canada.